Commercial and Office Moving Services
Viti Brothers Movers Inc. will provide you with a free-of-charge in-office estimate, and discuss all aspects of your commercial moving requirements with your company's relocation coordinator. Whether you are moving a single item within your office, across town, or the entire contents of your office to a new city, an Viti Brothers Movers Inc. consultant would be pleased to assist you in tailoring a moving plan that meets your needs. Please fill out an estimate form or call our toll free number to better understand your needs. Office, Corporate, and Commercial Moving in Washington DC is more detailed and is charged on an hourly rate. A firm price can be provided by contacting a moving consultant to view your current and new office locations.

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Having a large resource base of trucks, moving equipment and local crews as well as partnerships with many facilities across the world we are fully equipped to manage, move and store your assets for whatever the situation calls for.